Puduhepa ve Kız Kardeşleri



'Puduhepa and Sisters' is a social responsibility project to support young girls in all aspects of life; growing up, education, financial support and many more...

Our main character, Puduhepa, is a Hittite Queen who has lived in Anatolia 3000 years ago and she has signed the very first peace treaty in history: Kadesh Treaty.

We have chosen this strong woman as our main shining star, a real super hero. We have many more woman super heroes from the fields of arts, science and sports. Those women will be joining Puduhepa one by one. Because we would like our girls growing up by reading real success stories. We want them to believe in their inner power and know that if they don't give up on their dreams, anything is possible!

We offer women the opportunity to make money from home. All parts of our dolls other than the books are hand made. And we give the profit to TOÇEV (NGO) to support girls' education.

All women from all ages of life can benefit from and can be a contributor to our project.

Ours is a world full of peace, inspiration, hope and power...

Please help us spread the word...

May peace be with you,

Puduhepa and Sisters